Energy saving through the use of solar passive design.

We strive to reduce impact on the earth’s resources where ever possible. After all, we only have one earth. Relying heavily on the earth’s resources is both unsustainable and expensive. With our designs your home will be eco-friendly and cheaper to run. The build costs are no more than traditional homes but the environmental and running costs are much less.

The types of features we bring into a home to make it sustainable and different to the standard Perth home are:

  • Low embodied energy products
  • Use of solar passive design
  • Water harvesting
  • Water re-use through grey water systems
  • Use of seconds bricks destined for land fill
  • Reverse brick veneer construction
  • Re-use of existing materials
  • Photo-voltaic (solar) power systems
  • Establishment of water-wise and edible gardens
  • Recommendations on purchasing low energy consumption appliances

Give us a call to discuss your plans for a sustainable, zero-emissions home.