Granny flats are ancillary dwellings. It sounds much nicer doesn’t it. Granny of course would be more than happy to live in one of our timber frame or SIPs constructed ancillary dwellings.

The designs are so simple you will wonder why nobody has thought of it before. There are many variations of the theme enabling us to tailor the perfect unit for you.

The benefits of our timber frame ancillary dwellings are:

  • Our designs are solar passive so chances are you will not actually need to artificially heat or cool your unit. The sun and our shading design and natural ventilation will do that for you.
  • Our units take space use and efficiency to a new level and they are spacious and comfortable.
  • You could be living in or utilising your new dwelling in a matter of weeks not months as our builds are cleverly designed to be efficient in their construction.
  • The product you receive will be of the highest quality construction. We take immense pride in our work and product.